“Whenever you’re ready AT&T”

From last nights Big Bang Theory. “Whenever you’re ready AT&T”

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RATT – You Think You’re Tough

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Kix – Rock it out 1988 style

Yet another band I love and seen live that no one really knows about.

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My fortune…

Really I needed a fortune cookie to tell me this….


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Beavis and Butt-Head 2011 Sneak Peak

Brian Brushwood on Frame Rate said it best. “I fell like the last 20 years of mistakes in my life have been erased and I am back in 1992.”

MTV does not play music videos anymore. So they make of the asses on Jersey Shore. Take a look at the Comic-con sneak peak.


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New T-mobile plans still cheaper then AT&T???

On July 24, T-mobile is offering new plans. I have the old “Even More Plus” plan for 59.99 with unlimited data and text with 500 minutes. But, I do not get the discount on new phones every two years.

The new 59.99 plan has unlimited calling and text with 2gb of 4g data (after 2gb the speed slows down from 4g to 2g). But, I will be able to get discounted phone again. Plus, I use wifi a lot for data so if I do go over 2gb (I do not think I ever had) I can use wifi for speed. And I will not have any overage changers on anything, just slower data.

I am thinking I am going to switch before AT&T takes over.

Source newsroom.t-mobile.com


I went with the new Value plan with 500 minutes with unlimited texts and data (up to 2gb of 4g them speeds slow down to 2g) for 49.99 a month. I am now saving $10 a month… But, still can not get discounted phones.

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Netflix New Pricing Plan – Losing…

Good news Netflix 1 DVD out at-a-time plan is going down in price! From $9.99 to $7.99. Bad news is that the new price does not include free streaming. The streaming service will be a separate service starting September 1, 2011 for current members and starts now for new members. So the 1 DVD out at-a-time plan with streaming will be $15.98.

Source – blog.netflix.com

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My night with Jackyl and special guest DMC

My Pictures

My Videos

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Jackyl live on a flatbed to protest Kmart

I remember this… Kmart would not sell the new (at the time) Jackyl album (yes album). Jackyl used an old technology called “FM radio” for the meet up…. No tweet up back then.

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Name him Luke

If I had a son I would have to name him Luke. It would make me a real bad ass when he asks why and say because “Luke I am your father”.

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