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SiriusXM – Octane’s Big ‘Uns Countdown

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The Diggnation Finale: Part 1

So sad to see the show go… Just wanted to share the Finale with everyone. So many years of tech news and beer….

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“Whenever you’re ready AT&T”

From last nights Big Bang Theory. “Whenever you’re ready AT&T”

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New T-mobile plans still cheaper then AT&T???

On July 24, T-mobile is offering new plans. I have the old “Even More Plus” plan for 59.99 with unlimited data and text with 500 minutes. But, I do not get the discount on new phones every two years. The new 59.99 plan has unlimited calling and text with 2gb of 4g data (after 2gb […]

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Netflix New Pricing Plan – Losing…

Good news Netflix 1 DVD out at-a-time plan is going down in price! From $9.99 to $7.99. Bad news is that the new price does not include free streaming. The streaming service will be a separate service starting September 1, 2011 for current members and starts now for new members. So the 1 DVD out […]

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My Dell Inspiron 1525 problems

Well I have a lot of problems with my Dell Inspiron 1525. Under the one year warranty I had the Hard Drive and power supply replaced. After the warranty another power supply and the LCD needed replacing. The LCD was my fault, closed the screen on a spiral note pad with my pen in the […]

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The Damned Things

New band with old faces making real music.

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My new WordPress theme

Well here is the new WordPress theme (ver 0.1.0) I have been working on. Still a lot of work to do. I call it “Kenny” and it is a child for the Thematic Theme Framework. If you are looking for a custom WordPress theme let me know. ~KennY

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T-Mobile G2 HSDPA+ Speed test

I tethered my new G2 to my laptop to see how fast the the new HSDPA+ network is on T-Mobile I got some good speeds, almost as fast as the DSL in my town. Here in my results from

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A song from Juno that makes me sad :)

This a a song from the movie Juno that makes me sad. This is a good movie, that make me laugh and also cry….

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