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Awesome “Jetsons” Car Achieves 75MPH at $0.02 Per Mile

“With a name like ‘No More Gas’, you can bet that this cute little personal electric vehicle is as good to the environment as it is to the user. Its size, weight and fuel make it much better for the planet, while its look and driving experience make it great fun for the driver. It […]

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Star Wars Ewok Gospel

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Fav vid of the week – Will Ferrell as Bush w/Jon Stewart

The best line is “If people want to read what actually happened they can go the library and read the microfish”. That sad thing is that Bush would really say this. Will Ferrell as Bush w/Jon Stewart on

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TV line of the week – Hell’s Kitchen

This is something new that I am starting. It is something I have heard on TV that has has made me laugh. I will try to post this on or around Friday of each week. This weeks (and first post) was from Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Ramsay telling one of his servers during family night. “Walk […]

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What to do next…..

I just realized I can not trust anyone in my life. I feel so alone… No one tells the truth and everyone lies. Why is life so hard, and why does everyone lie? Why lie? Life is to short to make a fake life. Just be your self and be happy. I have tried, but […]

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